There are ONE of three ways a Club can choose to get a Calender and then have it added into to the Combined one.

1.  Someone in your Yacht Club or Group with a Google E’Mail address can simply create a Calender and then “SHARE” it with me.

2.  I create a Calender for you and then “Share” it with you.  You are then able to edit and manage it.

3, A small Club with only one or two events can have these added manually by me  into a spare Calender.


1. In the top right corner of your calender is a spoked wheel symbol for Settings; click this then select “Settings” from the drop down window.

2. Select “Calendars” from the top Menus.

3. You may have several calenders of your own, so click on your Calender; this will take you to your Calender Details page.

4. Select “Share this Calendar” from the top menus.

5. Tick in the box “Make this calendar public” or its details will not show on the Combined Calender.

6. Enter the e’mail address of the person you wish to share it with; then select whatever “Permission Settings” you wish that person to have.

In the event of SHARING it with me, I would need “Make Changes to Events” at the least, preferably also “manage sharing” but thats not essential.

Click Save.

The person you are SHARING with will have your calender automatically added to their Google Calenders.


1. Left click in a time slot. This brings up a Window to “create” or “edit” an event. I prefer here to click “edit” even if I am actually “Creating”.

2. Create A Title, then select a date and time for your Event.

3. If its a repeating Event, tick the repeat box then select HOW it repeats.

4. Complete the “Where” and make sure its the correct Calendar if you have several.

5. Completing  the “Description” isnt  necessary but does help.

6. Select your Clubs colour; its best clubs use different colours.

7. I suggest you deselect Reminders unless you want an E,mail every week.

8. Thats it, hit SAVE

9. Your changes will automatically appear in YOU Calender, also the Combined Calender; fingers crossed.