About Auntie Gemma’s Web-Site

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This site came about following discussions between FIYC, SrYC and myself at NYC and, due to a rapid increase in the use of Blake Sea, we felt there was a need for a dedicated Calender.

I volunteered to have a go at constructing this website having never done so in the past. I am doing this privately and not connected to any organisation, not even NYC where I am part of the Management. 

I know it looks a little messy but over time I will improve in my abilities and make it better; hopefully with all your help.

While the original aim for this website was to publicise all events in and around the Blake Sea, I did say on this page that it was always my intent to include all yachting events from other Yacht Clubs as well.

I dont get involved with politics, so if you like it please feel free to use it.

OK, this website. At the moment there are five pages – a  dedicated Calender for ALL yacht clubs; a dedicated Calender for the Blake Sea; a page explaining WHAT a Combined Calender is; and a page of Instructions on Combining, Sharing and Editing; also this intro page.

If anyone would like to contact me to discuss or help me, then I can be contacted InWorld, or feel free to E,mail me at gemmavuckovic@gmail .com as I rarely read Forums.

Love as always, Gemma