A Combined Calender is just what it says, a Combination of Calenders.


Each Yacht Club or Group will have its own Google Calender and will be responsible for keeping it correct.


The Combined Calender will bring together each Yacht Clubs own Calender.

It can be viewed here:- https://gemmavuckovic.wordpress.com/combined-sailing-calender-2014/


When a Club or Group makes a change to its own calender, that change will automatically be shown on the Combined Calender;  therefore any errors are down to individual Clubs, and not the Combined Calender.

Editing can ONLY be done by each club and on its own Calender. The Combined Calender cannot be directly edited.


In respect to Sailing, the Combined Calender will bring together each Yacht Clubs own Calender and display them as one and hosted by WordPress.        https://gemmavuckovic.wordpress.com/combined-sailing-calender-2014/

This Combined Calender in itself cannot be directly edited by me or anyone else; only the individual Yacht Club can edit its own individual Calender, so errors are down to individual Clubs.


A Google E’Mail address is required to be able have,  edit or view a Google Calender.

A Google address is NOT required to view the Combined Calender link above.